FAQ,s for OneTeam

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FAQ,s for OneTeam

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 26, 2009 11:20 am

Q. What countries do you accept members from? A. We accept members from all countries but the following: Cuba, Iran, Sudan, North Korea.

Q. What payment processors do you use? A. We accept Alert Pay, Solid Trust Pay, and credit and debit cards, and echecks via our secured merchant account.

Q. How much does your program cost? A. It is $12 every month recurring. You can cancel the recurring charge anytime though and not lose any positions. You will simply not receive any more positions in the matrix beyond what you have paid for.

Q. What services or products do I get? 1. You can add four banners to advertise here on our site with unlimited impressions per position. You can also add one web site to be viewed upon login for other members to view. We will also host up to one site for you and it includes Cpanel login, plenty of bandwidth and space, mysql database and more. You must have a domain or we can help you get one.

Q. How do I with draw commissions I have earned? A. You must have $5 or more in commissions build up to with draw. Simply login to your account, then place a support ticket with your payment processor (Alert Pay or STP) and your processor email or username.

Q. Who runs this program and where are you located? A. One Team 2x2 is apart of the MTE Enterprises network of sites and we are located out of the United States. We have been in business online since 2006 and run several successful advertising and affiliate programs and have 1000s of members.

Q. Do I have to refer paid members to earn? A. No. You actually can sign up and do nothing and you will earn from your one positions from spill over, or from members cycling back in from our matrix stages. Of course, the more paid members you refer, and the more you advertise your affiliate url, the more you can earn.

Q. I don't know how to advertise, can I still participate? A. Yes. You need no marketing experience to participate in our program. We will show you how to advertise your affiliate url.

Q. I don't have the time to advertise, what do I do? A. We have an affordable advertising coop that you can join for only $5 a month. We will deliver live hits to your referral url daily and this will help you recruit.

Q. What type of advertising do you prohibit? A. Any advertising that is spam is prohibited.

Q. How fast will I earn? A. We cannot guarantee how fast you will make money. Its impossible to tell you this as there are way to many factors in place. You could start earning tomorrow, or it could be six months down the line. Remember though, this is a long term income plan, not a get rich quick scheme.

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