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Hello Team,

I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and New Year. Now that its all over its time to get back to work.

Here is where we are at right now at One Team:

1. We are currently processing a ton of recurring memberships. We will finish these up tomorrow.

2. We will cycle members into stage two, three and four and beyond after we get all the recurring memberships caught up.

3. Once that is done, we will get to the winners of the referral competition.

4. We have some new lead capture pages coming along. We will have one for individuals, and one for the team. More on this when we finish those up.

What should you be doing right now? You can help us out by advertising. The more exposure we get, the faster we will grow.

Our program is still in its infancy as we just finished up our 2nd month, and even though it was the holidays which are usually a very slow time for a business like ours, we got a lot of new signs ups.

We see big things ahead for our program, we just need you to stick with us, give the program time to develop, and get your affiliate url and splash pages out there for others to see. Visit our news page for more on how to advertise.

That is all for now,

Thomas and Mark
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