Update 01-18-2010

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Update 01-18-2010

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:46 am

Just a quick update for you.

Last week had to be one of the best weeks we have had since we started a little over two months ago. We averaged at least 5 to 10 new signs up each day last week.

Keep up the great work recruiting everyone, that is what we need right now as we build towards the future.

We have added a new splash page to the members area, this one concentrates on the products or services we provide.

You can find this in the members area after you login under the promotional material link.

We are really busy working behind the scenes on three new services for members, and will release these over the next month. We want to make sure everything is working fine before we release them.

Once these are complete, we think this will make your membership fee a heck of a bargain, as you would pay $12 or more for just one of these services if bought separate.

And, as always, remember this. Our program is not a get rich quick scheme. If you are looking to get rich quick, it wont happen here. It wont happen anywhere unless you get lucky and win the lottery, and what are the chances of that happening.

If you are looking to build a long term income that you will earn from for years and years, then that is our program.

Have patience, let the program develop, and help us advertise the expose our program to others. We have a new list of traffic exchanges we are slamming now on the news page, join those tes, add your splash pages, and help the entire team.



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